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Customer Reviews

"Ohhhhhhh my GOODness!!! The brownies and cookies I have ordered from you arrived today and they are EXCELLENT!!!!
Thank you"

Dawn M.

7 Layer Brownie by Silverland Desserts
  7 Layer Brownie by Silverland Desserts
"Hi, Just wanted let you know I received 2 boxes of assorted brownies. they are the best mail order food I have ever gotten. I wasn't home when UPS delivered the first time, but even 2 days later when I opened them they were very fresh. I called your customer service dept and was happy to learn I could freeze them, as there are only 2 of us. Congratulations on a fine product. I don't give out praise unless it's earned...I have owned a retail flower shop for 25+ years, and I appreciate hearing comments from my customers.... either good or bad...thankfully I don't get many unhappy people.........and I bet you don't either.... You know how products should arrive, and how customers should be treated..Your company does both very well.
Again, I will very much enjoy the brownies and will recommend your company.. but only when flowers don't fit the bill! Sincerely, "

Ann J.

  Assorted Brownies by Silverland Desserts
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